Assessor's Office and Prop 19
Feb 07, 2024 12:15 PM
Phong La, Alameda County Assessor
Assessor's Office and Prop 19

Phong La was elected on November 6, 2018, to serve as the Assessor for the County of Alameda and is committed to making government work for the people of Alameda County.

The work that the Assessor’s Office helps generate revenue for the Alameda County. It has 14 cities, and six unincorporated communities. These major funds provide for crucial services such as schools public health, social, and family support services, fire, police and sheriff departments; road maintenance: neighborhood improvements and more.

Since taking office, Phong’s priorities include increasing customer service and office efficiency. The Assessor’s Office is implementing e-Forms, which allow applicants to file forms online from the convenience of their office or home. Phong is also securing resources to address the issue of increased staff workload generated by historic highs in real estate construction and business activities. In addition, the Assessor’s Office is working with the Assessment Appeals Board to schedule and hear appeals cases more quickly to ensure a more timely resolution for taxpayers. Phong has completed digitizing historic real property records currently maintained only in hard copy. This project will ensure that vital assessment details and property files are protected and available to the staff when valuing both residential and commercial properties off site.