Nov 12, 2019 12:15 PM
Mr. Nan Su
The Wisdom and Humanity of Ancient Chinese Culture
Many people have long been interested in China. This is true today more than ever before. The ethical values and principles derived from traditional Chinese culture helped create five-thousand years of splendor in Chinese history.
With the current state of the world, understanding the true China has never been more important.
Titles "Wisdom and Humanity from Ancient Chinese Culture”, this new presentation is the continuation of the previous well-received program: 
The Renaissance of Traditional Chinese Culture, which was presented to and overwhelmingly welcomed by more than 250 organizations in Northern California.
While the previous program bridged the ancient Chinese culture and modern American culture with humanity, the current 2nd presentation reveals the ancient philosophies deeply rooted in the Chinese culture since its very beginning, and explains how traditional Chinese culture built based upon these philosophies.